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13th-Aug-2008 10:04 pm(no subject)
please follow me back to caavebitch (my old journal). i was cooler back then.
1st-Aug-2008 08:12 pm(no subject)
i want to stick everyone with a superiority complex in one big room and watch them eat each other.
3rd-May-2008 07:52 am(no subject)
last night, i had my first celebrity love dream in 12 years, since devon sawa.
my dream man?
jason fucking segel.

even though he was so much cuter ten years and 20 pounds ago in slc punk.
come to me, mister segel.
12th-Apr-2008 07:14 am(no subject)
being back at jamba juice is fucking awesome. imagine working with people who are virtually ALL your friends, and getting to slack off all the time but it's okay because you're no longer in a position of authority. couldn't be happier, even if i am likely only going to make $8 an hour.
on the flip side, however, one of my favorite co-workers ever, jon, was hit by a train on monday morning in long beach. he miraculously survived, but incurred some severe injuries including a fractured skull. he is also in a 'light coma'. i've gone with this girl, jessica, that i work with, twice this week and i think i'm going again today when i get off work. i've never seen anyone who is in a coma before and it's a little scary, plus sort of awkward because you can speak to them but the only response you can see is their throat and occasionally their arms moving. it's also hard not to cry when your friend is laying in a hospital bed, all puffy, eyes closed with a tube coming out of a large hole in their head, but you have to keep it together because the last thing they want to hear is you trying to speak to them through tears. there is a possibility that when we go today, he will be awake. they said that the end of the week was their goal to have him open his eyes. that would be amazing. all i want to do is hear his laugh.
it sounds corny and it is, but when this happened, a strange solidarity came over the entire jamba juice SGV district. everyone is concerned, everyone is stepping up to cover shifts, help out at our store. it makes me feel really good to be part of this silly little community, even if the company itself isn't 'ME' at all. it still feels like home, even after nearly nine months away.
25th-Mar-2008 08:35 am(no subject)
what kind of nerd drops her english class because it's not challenging enough?
this kind.
18th-Mar-2008 07:54 pm(no subject)
me: long islands iced tea's and i had a nasty breakup this morning.
my dad: i heard that's what they're for.

sometimes my dad isn't an infuriating idiot.
17th-Mar-2008 08:01 am(no subject)
because i refuse to go to class at 7am the morning after st. patrick's day to turn in a bullshit middle school-level essay about an alice walker story, i'm about to half-ass like the master half-asser i am, probably get an A+++ on my two-page college essay about HERITAGE (gag) that i'm going to turn into him this afternoon, then go get druuuuunk. i'm excited.
well... i'd better get to work; i only have 6 hours to write this thing. hah...
13th-Mar-2008 10:50 am(no subject)
delbery grady.
i've officially sold my soul back to jamba juice.
12th-Mar-2008 01:29 pm(no subject)
i want to get this off my chest...
i was told recently by a good friend, whose opinion i hold in the highest esteem, that i need to stop focusing on others, on their flaws. at the time, too much was going on in my head to really consider his advice, but a day or so has gone by and i've finally begun to think it through. and you know what? it’s NOT my fucking job to ignore other people’s faults, to forgive them for ways that they’ve fucked with my well-being. self-righteous or not, i AM the goddamn innocent one. i never do SHIT to ANYONE. why should i have to do all the work?
12th-Mar-2008 09:37 am(no subject)
like a stack of ignored bills, months old, my college transcript has accumulated a mass of failures, of hard-core evidence that i am a fuck-up. now that i am officially ready to look it over without a judging eye, i have - and have, in doing so, "discovered" that although this year SHOULD be my graduation year, i am exactly one third of the way through my G.E.'s. yea, just my G.E.'s. but the good news is, i've finally decided where i want to transfer. i've officially stoppped dicking around and decided on nutrition as a major, with a minor in english.. i am going to go to cal state LA and study to become a dietician. that's IT. this morning, i went through all the course requirements for transfer to CSU's, and if i follow the plan i've made, i will be a cal state LA student by Spring 2010. wow.
i've also decided to quit my job. i love the people i work with (when i work at night, at least), and i like my work environment (location, music, customers), but i suck at my job and it isn't my fault. my previous manager pretty much forgot to train me, and until about a week ago, i didn't even know. last night was the final straw. i'm going to put in my two weeks' notice, go back to jamba juice to help out until i've got somewhere else to work, preferably trader joe's or something of the sort. i'm sick of trying with no results. this isn't good for me, and i've already given four months to this job with pretty much no pay-off. fuck it.

it feels nice to make decisions that are good for me. what a concept!
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